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    Let’s go fly a kite ….

     Pupils at Bank View have had some great and unique experiences already this year. We were so lucky to be able to have a group from Liverpool Kites to come and work with us this last month. Pupils spent the whole day, learning about kites, making their own kites decorating them and finally flying them outside. The group were experienced kite makers and flyers- all over the age of 60 so had lots of patience and said how impressed they were with the level of behaviour and interest from t...  Read More...

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    Buddha Therapy at BVHS

    This year we have invited a qualified therapist into school who has been teaching our pupils hand massage techniques. It has been a fun experience for the pupils involved. The aim is to promote the benefits of massage and how it can improve concentration and well-being.Check out some of our photos   Read More...

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    PE News

    The pupils at Bank View have been really looking forward to the completion of our very own climbing wall, I am happy to announce that the wall is completed and six members of staff have qualified as climbing instructors. It has taken a lot of hard work so congratulations to Miss Southern, Mr Friend, Caroline, Laura and Luke who will be joining myself as instructors on the wall. This addition to the department provides new challenges to pupils and allows them to develop their self-confidence...  Read More...

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    Drum Club

    Since its introduction last year, Ms Quigley’s Drum Club on Thursday’s has become a great success. Last year Bank View’s newest club put on a fantastic first performance to showcase what they learnt.This year it is more popular than ever. “In drum club it's good because we all get to play together.   Read More...

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