Sixth Form Information

Sixth Form Teachers- Mr. G. Davey and Miss C. Southern


Bank View Sixth Form provides learners with the knowledge, understanding, skills and real life experiences to grow into self-reliant, well rounded and independent young adults. The sixth form staff provide opportunities for students to develop both academic achievement and personal independence.

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Functional skills

All sixth form students continue to study functional skills in English, Maths and ICT. These subjects allow students to develop their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in a real-life context and provide students with the opportunity to maintain continuity and progression throughout their school life. These Open Awards qualifications are recognised by colleges and employers, providing students with a greater range of options and opportunities.


Students complete challenges that help them become more independent. These units provide a platform for further planning of individual learning goals and personal assessment. The units consist of; working with others; improving learning and performance; problem solving; planning and carrying out research; communication through discussion; planning and giving an oral presentation.

All the activities and coursework undertaken in sixth-form, count towards nationally recognised ASDAN qualifications and certificates. These include C.o.P.E. (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness); A.o.P.E. (Award of Personal Effectiveness); optional short courses including Peer Teaching, Volunteering and Leadership Skills.

Sixth Form students also complete compulsory short courses in History and Geography and take part in one Current Affairs lesson per week.

Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

All sixth form students are enrolled on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Through Duke of Edinburgh participation students are encouraged to:

  • Develop independence
  • Become more self-reliant.
  • Develop organisational ability.
  • Become more able to overcome both expected and unexpected challenges.
  • Recognise the needs and strengths of others.
  • Improve decision-making skills and the ability to accept consequences.
  • Gain the skills to reflect on personal performance.
  • Learn to manage risk.
  • Learn through experience.
  • Gain an appreciation of and respect for the outdoor environment.
  • Learn the value of sharing responsibility for success, through leadership, teamwork, self-reliance and co-operation.

Students are presented with the opportunity to volunteer their time to help others and act as peer mentors for younger students within school in order to fulfil certain aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh course.

College Links

Students at Bank View Sixth Form have the opportunity to speak to many further education providers through events held at school and at colleges. We also invite college representatives into school to speak to students putting them in the best position possible to be able to make an informed choice on their next step in education.

We work closely with Hugh Baird College through their school link programme and all students have the opportunity to spend one morning a week at college studying various subjects to give them a taste of college life.

Added to this is the support and guidance students receive from TAGS, an external careers, information, advice and guidance service.  Through TAGS students receive 1 to 1 advice and mentoring to help them and their families make the best decisions for the future.

Life Skills

Sixth Form continues the work started in lower school by teaching students skills needed for everyday life. This includes an extremely successful travel training programme with the emphasis on staying safe, using public transport and coping in busy environments.

Community Links

Bank View Sixth Form regularly welcomes our School Nurse College-School Liaison Officers and many other community groups as the opportunities or needs arise. We have made and are in the process of making strong links with some of our new neighbours including Action for Achievement at St Georges Hall, Fazakerley.


Each student has the responsibility for maintaining and updating their own SHAPE file: Safe; Healthy; Achieving and Enjoying; Positive Contribution and Employability. This portfolio holds individual and independent evidence of work undertaken and produced by each student, in each of the five sections, which help to prepare the young people for transition to further education or employment.

Extra-curricular activities

Through close links with the PE department we offer students the opportunities to take part in various outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, bouldering and canoeing. Sixth Form students also have full access to the schools well attended after school clubs. 

Here at Bank View we like to keep our pupils engaged in many different ways, one initiative is the pupil news show. The students are able to develop their own persona whilst on air and really show off their acting skills. They have had a great time doing the show.

please click this link to see video of our pupils creating their very own news broadcast