Assessment and target setting at Bank View School

Assessment & Target Setting

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at Bank View High School. It provides a framework for identifying, monitoring and communicating students’ attainment and progress, identifying areas for further development and setting challenging aspirational targets.

Bank View Assessment 

Since September 2014 schools have been free to create their own approaches to assessment. At Bank View we have developed and revised our own monitoring and assessment system for all subjects across school. We also use PIVATS for our less able and primary pupils. Our Bank View system takes into account the National Curriculum, functional skills descriptors, PIVATs, GCSE outcomes and Liverpool local levels documentation ensuring that there is the same breadth and depth of study as is found in mainstream secondary schools. We’ve broken down the assessment system into pre entry level, entry levels 1-3 and levels 1 and 2.


In order to show students’ mastery of the knowledge and skills within a level and the depth of learning each level is sub-divided into three sub-levels, emerging, developing and secure, for example:

Entry level 2 (EL2e): Emerging – the student is familiar with, and has basic grasp of, the entry level 2 curriculum

Level 1 (L1d): Developing – the student has a good grasp of the level 1 curriculum although consolidation is still needed in some areas

Entry Level 3 (EL3s): Secure – the student has a thorough grasp of the entry level 3 curriculum and can apply knowledge and skills consistently.

A student would progress from secure to emerging in the next level – entry level 3 secure to level 1 emerging

In Year 10 students begin nationally accredited qualifications in a range of subjects. Our current suite of qualifications includes GCSE, BTEC, Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Open awards qualifications and ASDAN all of which have unique grading systems. This year we are trialing V-Cert accreditations. We measure end of KS4 attainment using the appropriate qualification grades.