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At Bankview we like to keep pupils busy with all sorts of activities, one of our newer ones is gardening and it has been a big hit. Pupils have found digging up old plants and watching new ones grow very enjoyable. Seeing the plants fully grow and develop gives the children a sense of accomplishment, and rightly so they really excelled beyond expectations. Below you will find all the latest gardening news to help you stay up to date.

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    New Year, New Challenges!

    Last year we helped a local community group develop a wildlife garden and began work on a wheelchair path to allow access to the school playing field. Building the wheelchair path required pupils to measure the depth and width of the trench needed, dig it out and check levels to make sure the path was not too steep. They then had to fill the path with hard core and firm this down following the required health and safety regulations. This was then topped off with a self-sealing aggregate and...  Read More...

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    Great Start

    Horticulture has got off to a great start. I have now begun gardening with groups of pupils on Thursdays. We have been clearing an allotment and have sown broad beans, peas, cabbages and potatoes.   Read More...

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    Horticulture Skills!

    After Easter I will be working with pupils on a Thursday delivering horticulture skills.In the morning we will be working on an allotment growing vegetables and then on the school site developing the deep beds and planters. In the afternoon we will be building a path onto the football pitch before moving to other projects.We will also be working with a local community group and retirement home on their gardens.Development of the allotment area at school is moving slowly but will hopefully be ava...  Read More...

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