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  • Assembly on Monday

    PC Caroline, our local community police officer was in school on Monday.She spoke in the lower and upper school assesmblies. She discussed how to keep safe over halloween and bonfire nights.She then went around school and met all the classes.   Read More...

  • Here are some photographs of what was happening in school on Friday

    assembly.docx    Maths.docx  

  • Information leaflet

    This flyer was given to all students on Friday to bring home.It may be of particular interest to parents of students in years 10,11 and 6th form.LivPaC disabled team and tranisition.pdf   Read More...

  • Baking bread

    These are two of the loaves of bread made in the enrichment lesson on Wednesday.They are hedgehog loaves.We hope they tasted as good as they looked.   Read More...

  • Primary 1

    Primary 1 have been exploring the effects of friction in their science lessons. As a group, we measured how friction could determine the distance a toy car could travel when going down a ramp on different surfaces. The different surfaces we used were carpet, bubble wrap, wood, smooth plastic and bumpy plastic.   Read More...

  • Primary 1

    Primary 1 continue to explore what makes a balanced diet in the PSHE lessons. Here we are investigating how much hidden sugar is in some of our favourite food.   Read More...

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Primary 1 exploring forces

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Primary 1 have been very busy exploring forces in their science lessons. To investigate the effects of gravity, Primary 1 created marble runs using materials found in the classroom. Have a look at the photographs.

Primary 1 gravity.pdf

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