Let’s go fly a kite ….

 Pupils at Bank View have had some great and unique experiences already this year. We were so lucky to be able to have a group from Liverpool Kites to come and work with us this last month. Pupils spent the whole day, learning about kites, making their own kites decorating them and finally flying them outside. 

The group were experienced kite makers and flyers- all over the age of 60 so had lots of patience and said how impressed they were with the level of behaviour and interest from the children – they would love to return!

The skills the children used included, social interactions, fine and gross motor skill development, speaking and listening to instructions, awareness of the needs of others and lots of lots of patience. Their determination to get their kites in the air was admirable as there wasn’t too much wind that day but they never gave up.

We spent over an hour outside flying our kites and we know that the children really slept well that night as did the staff! 

Well done!