Liverpool Schools Parliament Wednesday 28th September

On Wednesday 28th September four students from Year 11 and 6th Form attend the Liverpool Schools Parliament conference at Liverpool Town Hall, City Centre. Pupils from schools from Secondary Schools all over Liverpool attended this event and we discussed and debated the issues that are most important to young people in Liverpool.  

I was unbelievably proud of the 4 pupils I took to the event, their confidence and enthusiasm astounded me. As you can see from the photographs students from Bank View spoke about the issues important to them in front of 150 other young people! An amazing achievement!! 

In the afternoon we sat in the council chambers and took part in a question and answer sessions with Local Councillors from Liverpool City Council. 

The pupils had an amazing experience and we will be returning on Monday 10th October when the Young Lord Mayoral Elections take place and pupils from Bank View will be putting themselves forward for the responsibility and honour! Look out for the next update! 


Miss L Farrington