Ofsted reports can often be very strict and invasive but we encourage that because we believe its the little things you do within a school and the relationships that teachers have with students is what makes a school unique. This is something we have worked on throughouly and we belive it helped us better our score from a two to a one. This is, for anyone who is unaware the best scire you can get from ofsted and we achieved this in every area of judgement.

We were very proud of this because we have always done what we belive is the best we can do for our students and always will do so, but getting conformation from an outside source saying what were doing is outstanding it instills confidence in what were doing. 

We have kept all our ofsted sources external and not just took quotes and put it on the website as we want you to see all this information on the official website and get reassurance that we are doing everything to a high standard.