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PE At Bank View

PE Coordinator - Mr A Wrigg


PE is an integral part of school life. All pupils engage in a minimum of two hours per week of physical education through each Key Stage. For year 7 and 8 pupils this includes a 9 week swimming unit at Stockbridge Village Swimming Baths.


The PE department aims to provide all pupils with a broad and well-balanced curriculum that challenges and stretches the individual in a safe and secure environment. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work as an individual and as part of a team in a variety of different settings. Pupils will experience sport as a participant, coach and an official in line with the new National Curriculum Framework. The department uses a wide variety of teaching methods to provide excellent lessons which are fun, challenging and engaging for pupils of all ability.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have two lessons of PE a week. For most classes these lessons are combined to produce one longer double lesson. In addition to this all Year 7 and 8 pupils take part in a swimming course over a 9 week block. In Year 9 pupils have 3 lessons of PE a week which consists of a double lesson and a single lesson.
The curriculum consists of invasion games, health related fitness, net/wall games, striking and fielding games and athletics. Key concepts are identified in each of these areas and then taught through a variety of different sports to suit pupil needs. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy and achieve with the emphasis on improving physical and social skills.

Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form

Pupils in Year 10 follow a similar program to Key Stage 3. There is a much greater emphasis on team games, competition and individual development where appropriate. Pupils look at concepts and tactics that can be applied in a variety of different situations.

Pupils in Year 11 are encouraged to explore a variety of different activities in a personalised curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to focus on areas of personalised interest. The department educates pupils about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and provide pathways to continue leading a physically active lifestyle once they leave school.

Pupils in Year 10 and 11 are entered for their Entry Level in Physical Education. Candidates are required to perform effectively under applied conditions, using tactics or compositional techniques as necessary and observe rules and conventions of activities. In addition, candidates will be required to analyse a performance in order to determine its strengths and weaknesses, suggest simple ways of improving the quality and effectiveness of the performance and demonstrate an understanding of the contribution of exercise and training towards a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. These requirements are very similar to those in the GSCE Physical Education specification.

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Pupils have the opportunity to opt for PE Leadership lessons on a Thursday morning. During this they learn coaching techniques and assist the PE department in running a Lower School lesson each week. During this they may have the opportunity to gain coaching awards. Liverpool Football Association will be running a Rules and Regulations course with the pupils.

Pupils in the Sixth Form engage in a program of study that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Pupils in 2012 have taken part in the inaugural Bank View Leadership Academy. This involves following a leadership program which culminates in the class taking a full lesson involving lower school pupils. They must plan, organise and lead in all aspects of the lesson. This also links to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme that the pupils take part in.


Extra-Curricular Activities

The school runs a number of extra-curricular activities. Fitness, Basketball and Dance clubs run during the Lunchtime as well as Football outside on the yard. A judo club also takes place in conjunction with Redbridge School.The school run after school clubs within school and with outside agencies to suit pupil needs.

The PE department actively encourage outdoor and adventurous activities. Please see the extended clubs page for further information. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in climbing, water sports and mountain biking. The PE department also compete against other schools in a wide range of sports at all ability levels.

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    PE News

    The pupils at Bank View have been really looking forward to the completion of our very own climbing wall, I am happy to announce that the wall is completed and six members of staff have qualified as climbing instructors. It has taken a lot of hard work so congratulations to Miss Southern, Mr Friend, Caroline, Laura and Luke who will be joining myself as instructors on the wall. This addition to the department provides new challenges to pupils and allows them to develop their self-confidence...  Read More...

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    PE News

    The pupils at Bank View really enjoy our trips out to the climbing walls at awesome walls. Because of this the P.E Department are pleased to announce that a brand new, custom made climbing wall is to be installed in our gym. The new climbing will be 3.5 meters wide allowing 4 different climbing routes to be set up to a height of 8 meters.   Read More...

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