Religious Education at Bank View

In RE lessons at Bank View, students learn about Christianity as well as the other 5 main world religions of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. It is not collective worship, rather education about religion. All religious and non-religious beliefs are respected. Students are encouraged to bring their own experiences into the classroom.

Two of the main strengths are (a) to challenge students' thinking skills and (b) develop empathy for others and their lives.

Key Stage 3

Each year is themed around one of the subject's 'Big Questions'.

  • Y7: How do we connect to others and/ or to God? [artefacts; sacred buildings; prayer]
  • Y8: Why do we celebrate? [following the calendar of religious festivals and memorials]
  • Y9: Why are we here? [creation stories; charity; inspirational figures]
The department uses a range of learning activities to encourage pupils to learn including... drama and role play, music, photography, drawing, painting and 3D modelling, discussion, watching film clips, handling religious artefacts as well as some written work.

In Year 7, pupils meet our local vicar, Rev Andy Brown, and visit St Paul's Church in Fazakerley. We also have links with Ganesh Hindu Temple in Kirby. The department is developing visits for other year groups including a KS4 trip to be inspired by a local place 'of natural beauty'.

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Key Stage 4

In RE during Y10 and Y11 pupils follow the ASDAN Short Course in Beliefs and Values. At the end of the course, individuals will receive a certificate for between 1 and 6 credits from the following units:

Values, Beliefs and Decision-making


Crime and Punishment

Peace and Conflict



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