Safeguarding messages within the curriculum

Bank View High School ensures that every child will have information, awareness and opportunities to build their knowledge of keeping safe awareness, skills and strategies. 

To enable this to happen, all subjects and areas of school life will promote safe guarding.

Staff completed graphs to show how they promote safe messages within their subject areas.  

Evidence of Safe messages within Bank View High School Curriculum

Safe messages include:

  • Understanding safe relationships
  • Guidance of appropriate social media use and how to report an on-line concern
  • Monitoring of pupil use of ICT to ensure safety
  • Promotion of Well-being in all subjects to enable every child to feel successful
  • Addiction awareness
  • SRE
  • Safety in the sun
  • School rules and why they keep us safe
  • Themed weeks
  • Diversity week, providing pupils the opportunities to explore and respect other people’s views regarding race, religion, gender and culture
  • Personal development, encouraging pupils the importance of being individual and resilient
  • News topics to open discussion in current issues e.g. extremism and exploitation
  • Pupils notice board, visual information regarding safe guarding issues.
  • School council, encouraging pupils to have a voice and the right to choose
  • Safe use of equipment in all subjects
  • Health and safety around school e.g. timetables, safe use of the playground, first aid and defibrillator stations.
  • School code of conduct
  • Promotion of approved safeguarding incentives e.g. NSPCC Underwear rule
  • Road safety awareness
  • Role play, how to deal with real life situations
  • Reflection, options and strategies to deal with life situations
  • Group work to promote higher thinking and the ability to question further,
  • How to get along with others
  • How to resolve problems
  • Who you can talk to if you need help and advice – trusted adults
  • Appropriate behaviour in public places
  • How to care for your physical help
  • How to care for your mental health
  • How to deal with victory and defeat
  • Learning to tell the time
  • Learning about the environment, different climates
  • Nutrition, promotion of healthy eating and life styles
  • Fluid intake, encouraging pupils the importance of hydration during school day especially whilst engaging in sport activities or if weather is hot
  • Observation, monitoring and supervision ensuring high priority for more vulnerable students or were extra support has been identified e.g. Medical/behaviour plans
  • Fund raising for nominated charities
  • Bank accounts understanding the importance of money value
  • Good hygiene personal and general
  • Importance of recycling
  • Understanding hazard equipment signs and labels e.g. chemicals, bleach
  • First aid training for pupils
  • ASDAN Life skills Challenge groups