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Student Council

Students are proud to be a part of our school council, continuing to make positive contributions for our pupils and our school as a whole.

The school council exists to provide a platform for student voice to be heard and to inform the decision making process within school. It gives pupils the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them and allows school leaders and other staff to work with students to create positive outcomes. This empowers students and provides them with ownership of issues and solutions that are discussed in meetings. Students see that they have a positive impact and their voices are heard.

In summary, the student council enables students to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school leaders, for example-(health and well-being, clubs, internet safety, rewards and sanctions systems and any other business the students wish to discuss.)

Here at Bank View our school council is made up of two students from each form class throughout the year groups. The students have been elected by their peers to represent students in our school and their views. Student councillors meet each half term to discuss current matters linked to various topics. This academic year, students have discussed and carried out fundraising events for 'Sports Relief' and 'Muscular Dystrophy UK'. Students have also provided suggestions to our new school rewards system 'class Dojo'. Lastly, students have discussed the 'eCadets' programme which is a pupil led internet safety campaign, where by student councillors will be trained to become 'eCadets' looking out for others in our school.

School Council Blog

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    Student Council News

    New student council members have been elected by students from each form group for this academic year.Student councillors will meet every half term to discuss current and relevant items related to our school and students within it. Student councillors will also be e-Cadets (internet safety representatives) helping others within our school community to keep safe online.This role will encourage independence and gives good responsibility.Congratulations to the new student council members   Read More...

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    Student Council News

    Student councillors have come together to discuss our rewards system.Students are currently using the new Class Dojo system within school, this is beginning to replace student class books and merit cards.Class Dojo is an online system that uses reward points for good work within lessons, team work, being on task, helpfulness plus many more. Students can achieve these points each lesson and also gain points as a whole class. Classes and students with the most points get rewarded.Students currentl...  Read More...

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