Vocational Learning

Year 11 work experience is underway. After many months of planning all the students have placements and have been prepared for their work experience placement. 

We have a wide range of placements this year, some new employers and some that we have used for many years. The employers and hob types are wide ranging, for example we have students tasting retail employment in B and M, child care in school and private nurseries and engineering at Stagecoach to name just a few.

Students complete a work experience diary during their work experience and are visited by BVHS staff. 

Transport to and from placements is provided on the whole by the local authority but we are very proud to report that a number of students have travelled independently to their placements. Some students received support in the form of travel training from school and Fusion.

All students have the opportunity to achieve an Open Awards qualification called : Preparation for work experience, if they complete the necessary coursework and complete their work experience diaries.

Reports so far from parents, carers and employers have been extremely positive.

Preparation is the key!

Year 11 students spoke to year 10 about work experience. Year 10 asked some excellent questions and I hope they know feel more confident. Year 10's work experience will be November 2017.

Open Event at Knowsley Comunity College

School Leavers Open Event – Thursday 19th October 2017

Are you in year 11 and looking to start College in September 2018? Or perhaps you are in year 10 and want to start researching your options now? Drop in to our Open Event to discover what it is like to be student at Knowsley Community College and explore your options.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you would like to study. There will be plenty of tutors and students on-hand to answer any questions that you may have about your future career, financial situation and the learning support available to you.

For all courses and Apprenticeships please visit our Main Campus.

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