If a child is of compulsory school age it is essential they attend regularly to allow them to achieve their full potential.

We have updated our attendance policy and attendance systems and this will be a key target for our school over the next academic year.

For a school to be considered to have good attendance we must have at least 97% attendance.

Every single day a child is absent from school equates to a day of lost learning.

Attendance percentages can be misleading. For some parents 90% attendance may seem like an acceptable level of attendance. However, the reality is that 90% attendance means that your child will miss half a school day each week or 19 days of school during the school year. That is nearly 4 whole weeks of school.

Attendance %InterventionLead Responsibility / whole will support you
100% Attendance is excellentRewards and praise  Form team Pastoral HLTA Key Stage Lead
99% – 97% Attendance is goodRewards and EncouragementForm team Pastoral HLTAs Key Stage Lead
96% – 90% Attendance is a concernTalk to students and contact parent / carers Meetings with Pastoral HLTAS Support to return to school Safeguarding visits when 10 and 20 sessions (a session is a half day) have been missedForm team Pastoral HLTAs Key Stage Lead (EWO as requested at meetings)
Below 90% Attendance is a serious concernAction planning meetings / targets given 10 and 20 sessions safeguarding visits and persistent absence warning letters sent home EWO involvement Attendance panels (with EWO and SLT) Early Help Social Care Support or possible legal interventionKey Stage Lead Deputy Head Headteacher Safeguarding team EWO Governors

Each half term we will inform you by letter of your child’s attendance.

Your child will also fill in their attendance for the previous week in their school planner during Monday form time


We will have our half term prize draws, there are a number of categories students are entered for. The prizes are Liverpool 1 vouchers of varying amounts.

The prizes are awarded for each half term will and the year to date.

These will be during the first assembly after each holiday.

We will also have attendance certificates for each half term for those students who have 97% and above attendance.

Autumn Term 100%Bronze Certificate
Spring Term 100%Bronze Certificate for 1 term Silver certificate for Autumn and Spring
Summer Term 100%Bronze Certificate for 1 term Silver certificate for two terms Gold certificate for 3 terms

We will continue to have the attendance section on the school newsletter and have an attendance tab on the school website which will have the updated attendance policy and the weekly whole school attendance.


The law does not give any entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. Any application for leave must be in truly exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant the granting of leave.

Any child absent from school due to a holiday will miss out on important learning and will fall behind with their school work.

Please support us by making doctor, dentist and medical appointments outside of school hours when possible and ensure your child arrives at school on time.

If your child is genuinely unwell and unable to attend school, please telephone and leave a message or message via the Study bugs app. We must have a reason for every time a child is absent from school.

If we have not been able to make contact with you we may make a home visit, inform our EWO or inform the police or social services. Some of these measures may seem extreme but it is our duty to ensure the safeguarding of every pupil in our school community.

Our attendance team consists of:

Whole schoolClaire PattisonAttendance lead Deputy designated safeguarding lead
Juliette GellingHead teacher and Deputy designated safeguarding lead
Layla FeeneyDesignated Safeguarding lead
Bob Davies Alan JacksonChair of governors and Governor with responsibility for safeguarding
Jennifer RookeEWO
PrimaryJamie DevineHead of primary
Sharna LeePastoral HLTA
Key Stage 3 (years 7,8 and 9)Mare ArmstrongKey Stage Lead  
Ed ParkerPastoral HLTA
Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11)Andy WriggAssistant Headteacher
Kelsea LairdPastoral HLTA
Key Stage 5 (6th form)Gareth DaveyAssistant Headteacher
Caroline Harris FoynesPastoral HLTA
Students in base provisionTrisha PennyHead of Base provision
Hannah SpearrittPastoral HLTA

Your child’s attendance is a priority for all staff members. Your child’s class or form teacher is your first contact and they will ask about any absences your child may have.

Study Bugs

In order to support the school in improving attendance we would like all parents to download the study bugs app. Study Bug is an app which allows parents and the school to work together to improve attendance. Log in here and register for a free parent / carer account.

If you have any questions or queries please contact school.

Yours sincerely

Claire Pattison

Deputy Headteacher.