Base curriculum intent

The curriculum is what is taught. It is the specific plan of what learners need to know and what we want them to be able to do.

The Base department within Bank View consists of the school’s more complex learners. It is a highly staffed department, where pupils are taught by the same team of teachers and teaching assistants for the majority of lessons. The aim of the Base department is to support those learners who have found the transition from class to class in the main part of school challenging. The high level of staff, in conjunction with the adapted curriculum, allows Base staff to personalise the learning to meet the needs of the individual learner.

Our aim of the Base curriculum is that students make meaningful progress, academically, towards the outcomes of their Educational Healthcare Plans and personally and socially. Base provision will allow students to develop confidence, self-help and life skills that support overall independence. Within the Base curriculum, there is an equal focus upon meeting the student’s academic needs and their personal and social development.