Dear Parent/ Carers
Please see the message below that we have just received today from the NHS regarding the
opportunity for your child to be offered a dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. If you wish to
participate please use the link below that the NHS have provided.
Kind regards
J. Gelling
Dear Parent/Carers
All 12 to 15 year olds are now eligible for their COVID-19 vaccination
Vaccinating your child can help to reduce the need to have time off school and avoid
disruption to their education whilst also reducing the spread of COVID-19 within schools
During this 2nd phase the immunisation team will be delivering COVID-19 dose 1 or dose 2
vaccines in school. Doses will be dependent on consent being received and will be 12 weeks
after dose 1, a positive COVID test or COVID illness.
We kindly request you complete your child’s form following the below link even if you
don’t want your child vaccinating before Midnight Sunday 30/01/22 to help support
campaign planning.
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