Extra Curricular

At Bankview we feel it is important to try and get children in extra curricular activities and we have found it helps grow relationships with students, as it is much less formal than in a lesson.

We’ve found that some children come out of their shell more in these sort of environments and they also engage with different people from different year groups throughout the school giving them the chance to build friendships that they may not be able to in lessons.

Extended School Programme

Bank View School runs an Extended Schools Programme on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 3.30pm until 4.30pm. Three activities run each night. We aim to have a maximum of 12 pupils taking part in each activity to ensure that pupils get a quality experience. Due to the current demand for clubs they run on a 6 week cycle. Therefore a pupil can expect to attend club at least 12 weeks out of a 24 week period.

The focus of the programme is wide and varied. We aim to provide pupils with new and different challenges which they may not have the chance to experience elsewhere. Those who attend will meet new pupils from different year groups and learn valuable social skills. They need to be organised and show commitment as they must attend all sessions in a six week block if they sign up.

Pupils will be learning new skills and developing existing ones in each different club.