The nature of Geographical study concerns the relationships between people, places and the environment.

Geography is relevant to our pupils as it enables them to relate many aspects of their own lives to the environment in which they live. It is essential that our pupils experience Geography, though it should be at a level appropriate to their development and abilities.

As of September 2018 Geography at Bank View High School is taught as a discreet subject to the Primary Classes (Key Stage 2) by their form tutor.  Years 7 to 9 and Base 1 (Key Stage 3) are taught by the subject coordinator. At Key Stage 3 and Base 1 History and Geography are currently taught on a rotational basis with Geography being taught during the spring and early summer term (to May).

Each class has a 60-minute lesson each week. At Key Stage 4 and Post 16 elements of Geography are incorporated into other studies such as Life Skills / Open Awards where skills learnt at Key Stage 3 can be used and developed.

Teaching Methods

Geography is delivered through a variety of methods:

  • Varied teaching approaches featuring the use of role-play, computing resources, small group and whole class work, use of experimental equipment, text books, maps, atlases and aerial photographs.


  • Google Earth and Street View are used to enable pupils to “visit and view” interesting locations. Pupils are encouraged to undertake personal and small group investigations and research.


Field studies in and around the Liverpool and surrounding area as well as visits to places of interest further afield. Though these visits are not always undertaken purely for Geographical

  • understanding of places outside their usual everyday experience.


  • The school intends to maintain a balance between formal instruction and enquiry to build on pupils’ existing experiences whilst progressively developing pupils’ geographical vocabulary, concepts and skills.
Geography Curriculum Map 2018 / 2019
Primary 1  Primary 2 Y7 Y8 Y9 Base 1
Our Local Area Y3 The UK Y4 Rivers and the Water Cycle Making Connections – Where are we? Weather and Climate People Everywhere – Population and Urbanisation Making Connections – Where are we?
Weather Y3 Hot & Cold Climates Y4 Cities
America Y3 Volcanoes Y4 Our World
KS4 Post 16 Pupils

Elements of Geography are currently taught in General Studies (Open Awards) and are incorporated into independence work activities such as Travel Training.




All units of study in Geography have been developed and modified to accommodate the interests and additional needs of our pupils, many of whom work at National Curriculum levels below their chronological age.

Field Work & Visits

Pupils participate in a variety of offsite work / field trips to supplement appropriate study units.

Field trips are essential for our pupils, providing first hand access to primary sources of historical material.  Locations visited by pupils in recent years have included:

  • Local area studies – Walton / Fazakerley / Liverpool City Centre and Waterfront
  • Wirral / West Lancashire Villages
  • West Lancashire Farming District
  • Vale of Llangollen



Many of the resources used in Geography have been created “in house” some adapting content from other sources (e.g. John Murray – Geography Special Needs Support Materials” series) to meet our pupils’ needs. The use of the Oxford University Press “Geog 123” series of text books has been phased in to support study units.

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