At Bank View, we recognise the vital role that maths plays in the everyday lives of our pupils, both during their time at school and beyond. Maths provides many of the fundamentals upon which our pupils can go on to live happy, successful and independent lives. Our vision is to:

  • Develop the full potential of every pupil in mathematics.
  • Ensure that every pupil experiences success and enjoyment in the subject whether it be equipping them with sufficient mathematics skills for their day to day life or providing them with a firm foundation for those wishing to pursue Mathematics beyond school and progress into careers such as engineering.
  • Demonstrate to our pupils that mathematics is a creative, interconnected, imaginative and an enjoyable subject which will engage them and support them post 16 in all aspects of life.
  • Ensure that all pupils are able to access and use their maths knowledge to function confidently in society and grasp future opportunities successfully.


We aim to ensure that pupils are mathematically fluent and able to utilise the correct strand of maths for their chosen field. Our mathematics department follows the Complete Mathematics scheme of work and learning platform, which is uniquely tailored to each class. This gives pupils a starting point but allows pupil to flourish through units of work with confidence and understanding.
As a special school for students with complex learning difficulties our department is familiar with the mathematics curriculum from early years through to GCSE. This is also seen through the scheme of work which is linear, allowing pupils to start at different points but have a clear pathway through the units of work. The scheme of work can also be seen as a Möbius loop for pupil who need to revisit previous taught topics. This knowledge enables us to ensure that pupils are effectively challenged no matter what their prior knowledge and understanding. This then allows adaptive teaching methods and puts no ceiling on any child’s learning.
Our Maths lessons are very structured in line with Rosenshine’s principles of learning. The pupils will have a recall task allowing them to retrieve prior knowledge and also allow them time to regulate into the new classroom setting. This will ensure all pupils are ready to learn in maths and also build up their schema moving vital information from their short-term memory into their long-term memory.
The lesson will then be presented/taught in small steps with a vast amount of Q&A and appropriate scaffolding to engage the pupils and also development communication skills for the pupils. This is seen in many aspects such as cold calling to ensure pupils are focused and learning at all times. Modelling is a large part of Maths lessons, the use of a visualizer allows pupils to see the teaching live and highlight any misconceptions. Q&A again is used to enhance learning. Other variations of modelling takes place, this is reasonably adjusted by the class teacher dependent on the needs of the pupil.
Pupils will have lots of practice and develop a high rate of success through mathematics building confidence and ensuring a love for the subject. Challenge will be given to the pupils at an appropriate time when the pupil is ready both academically and emotionally. This will lead to independent task where the pupil is confident to attempt and try their best.
We believe having a positive relationship with the pupil will enhance the pupil ’s learning which brings the benefits of, a pupil gaining more confidence and working independently. A pupil being confident in asking for support if required.
All lessons are monitored through Complete Maths allowing for meaningful assessments which are included in the medium term plans giving tangible cumulative data which in turn will be used to help support the pupils further.
The maths department understand the importance of reasonable adjustment for the pupils at Bank View. Pupils will engage in numeracy lessons to develop fluency. The lessons are every structured in a way to support the pupils, this can be adjusted dependent on the class and level of need in the class. Pupils sensory needs are always considered allowing time for sensory breaks and support from teaching assistants where needed. We utilise all the resources available to us, be that technology within the classroom (IPads and laptops available for some learners) or teaching assistants with fantastic knowledge and pastoral skills who support our pupils and make daily adjustments so pupils can learn and are emotionally ready to learn. Lessons are differentiated to the pupils to extend knowledge or scaffold work for additional support. Each child has their very own maths journey at Bank View and we aim to implement our ‘Best Endeavours’ in every lessons for every child to gain success.


Pupils will enjoy and have a passion for Mathematics and have a real want to succeed. They will develop their knowledge on their own pathway with a ‘no ceilings’ approach to learning. All pupils have the opportunity to progress further with no limit placed on what new knowledge can be learnt and mastered. If a student is ready to move on, they will but only once current learning delivers secure knowledge. This will be reinforced by the assessments of knowledge though our Complete Maths platform.
Pupils will also have learnt that fundamentals of Mathematics in problem solving skills and teamwork, through creative thinking, discussion, explaining and presenting ideas. These skills are transferrable and will be a lifelong skill for pupils to use effectively. Furthermore, mathematics is a universal language with a multitude of cultural inputs throughout the ages. The ability to manage money, use exchange rates for foreign travel, be confident and have a good numerical understanding is also an important life skill pupils will learn.
At Bank View we are highly adaptable and strive to ensure that pupils leave with the required mathematical qualification for their chosen field. Our department have extensive knowledge of both the GCSE and Entry Level specifications and pupils who wish to truly challenge themselves can always rely upon our full support.
By the time our pupils leave Bank View, we aim to have fostered a love and appreciation for the subject and have equipped them with the crucial everyday skills that will be required in everyday life.

Working from home

Complete Maths Tutor is an online tutor programme that will individualise your child’s learning and enhance their Maths journey. It will assess your child and set them work at an appropriate level with supporting videos and activities. This can be done on any device, and it will reinforce your child’s learning. Alongside this, Complete Maths offers a range of other mathematical resources such as timetables, manipulatives and curriculum overviews.    

Your child’s log in details will be their first name, full stop and their second name. Please see below an example of your child’s log in details. Everyone’s password is maths123.

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Any issues accessing the platform please contact school.