At Bank View High School we provide a learning environment where the learning process is a priority for teachers and pupils to:

  • Help develop an appreciation and enjoyment for mathematics and an understanding of its role in the real world
  • Realise the role of mathematics in the context of real life and its role in society
  • Experience aspects of cross curricular links, skills and themes
    which enhance the quality of the pupils’ education.

Mathematics is taught to all pupils from Year 7 to Year 13. We follow the National Curriculum guidance, functional skills and GCSE criterion at levels appropriate to individual students, so they can reach their full potential and prepare for life beyond school. In year 7 pupils are split into two groups according to ability and then follow their own progression route – either functional skills and open awards or functional skills, open awards and entered for a GCSE in mathematics.

Key Stage 3

  • At Key Stage 3 pupils are taught a tailored scheme of work based around The National Curriculum and functional skills criterion.
  • Pupils are introduced to Functional Skills Maths and begin to develop and transfer their skills to real life situations.
  • They engage in 3 hours of taught lessons per week.
  • 100% of lessons have a teaching assistant for support.
  • All pupils have individualised maths targets which form the basis of their Individual Education Plan. All pupils also have generalised ‘sticky maths targets’ to go in their planners. Pupils use open their planners every lesson so they are aware of their recent targets.

Key Stage 4

  • At Key Stage 4 pupils either follow the GCSE route with Mr Tasker or the functional skills/open award route with Miss Jones.
  • They engage in 3 hours of taught lessons per week
  • Mr Tasker’s class follow the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE Maths scheme of work, and also work towards their Edexcel functional skills qualification (Entry level 3- level 2) and also Open award qualifications in maths. (Entry level 3 – level 2)
  • Set 2 follow externally accredited work to complete their Edexcel functional skills qualification (Entry level 1- entry level 3).  Alongside this they study towards Open award qualifications in maths. (Entry level 1 – level 1)
  • 100% of lessons have a teaching assistant for support.

Key Stage 5

  • All pupils develop their mathematics skills within their ASDAN and life skills programme.
  • Pupils will progress onto the next level of Edexcel functional skills maths, depending on their attainment in year 11.  They also have the option to expand on their Open awards qualification in KS5 or resit their GCSE.

For further information on Functional Skills use the following links:

For further information on Open Awards use the following link

For information on Edexcel functional skills level 1 use the following link

For information on Edexcel functional skills entry levels 1-3 use the following link

Some useful ideas can also be found using the following BBC skills wise link

Some useful web learning links

Pupils and staff regularly use My Maths website which can be accessed at home to consolidate and further their learning.

Login details can be obtained from the mathematics department.

For further information on Mathematics National Curriculum use the following link

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

At Bank View we are proud to be working towards the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark.

Liverpool Counts is the Liverpool Learning Partnership’s response to the identification of mathematics as an issue facing settings, schools, academies and colleges across all phases in the city. The aim is to drive up numeracy and mathematics skills in Liverpool.

In July Bank View, with other schools across the city, hosted a maths party on the 7th July 2017. This was a great success with the whole school participating in fun maths activities from making mocktails to drawing cartoon characters using coordinates.