Year Activities
Primary The colours (Los colores)

The numbers (Los números)

All about me (numbers, colours and introducing ourselves)

Year 7 All about me (numbers, colours and introducing ourselves)
The emotions/feelings (Las emociones)
The emotions (Las emociones) 2
Year 8 The animals (Los animales) 1
The animals (Los animales) 2
The farm animals (Los animales de la granja)
Pets (Mascotas)
Plural in Spanish
Plural in Spanish 2
Year 9 Places in town (La ciudad)
Talking about directions (Las direcciones)
Holiday phrases


Here some useful and interesting websites free games and activities: Many online games which include the following categories: animals, food, numbers, clothes, days of the week… (Level 1 and Level 2 recommended) Interactive lessons and free activities in several categories (alphabet, body parts, feelings, animals, colours, numbers…) (Beginners level recommended) Several topics and games about different categories (family, animals, food, school, holidays…) Primary school focused, useful to practise basic Spanish vocabulary in the school, simple Spanish phrases, holidays vocabulary and Spanish festivities. Free app to learn different languages from beginners stage. It is very intuitive and visual, taking 5-20 minutes a day.


There are several ways to promote and encourage the learning of a foreign language out of the school time. Some of them might include to watch our favorite animated series or shows with Spanish subtitles (or in Spanish with English subtitles) whenever is possible, listen to music and translate some key words from the lyrics, or setting our home devices (i.e. Ipad or tablet, mobile phone, computer…) as well as our favorite videogames in Spanish language. It is recommended to make an approach where Spanish language can be present in our hobbies or some daily life routines. For instance, if we like to cook we may take the chance to pick a Spanish recipe or/and name the ingredients in Spanish. Small and progressive work towards this approach, sustained in a long term, may have a great impact in a modern foreign language learner.