PE is an integral part of school life. It is embedded within the school through PE lessons, lunch and school clubs and links with outside organisations such as Everton in the Community, The LFC Foundation and the UK military school. All pupils work towards an Entry Level qualification in Physical Education. They also have the option to choose PE and work towards a level one qualification in this area in upper school.
The PE department aim to provide all pupils with a broad and well-balanced curriculum that challenges and stretches the individual in a safe and secure environment. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work as an individual and as part of a team in a variety of different settings. Pupils will experience sport as a participant, coach and an official in line with the National Curriculum Framework. The department uses a wide variety of teaching methods to provide excellent lessons which are fun, challenging and engaging for pupils of all ability.
We aim to enable pupils to leave school with an understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong love of physical activities.
All pupils engage in a minimum of two hours per week of physical education through each Key Stage.  Primary, Year 7, 8 and the Base classes also engage in a unit of swimming at Stockbridge Village Swimming Baths. The curriculum consists of invasion games, health related fitness, net/wall games, striking and fielding, athletics, gymnastics and outdoor and adventurous activities. Key concepts are identified in each of these areas and the taught through a variety of different sports to suit pupil needs. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy and achieve with an emphasis on improving physical and social skills.
Pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5 follow a similar program of study. There is a greater emphasis on team games, competition and individual development where appropriate. Pupils look at key skill concepts and tactical development as well as leadership skills. In the Entry Level PE qualification they are assessed in a number of sports. Their best 4 scores are taken forward and they choose one to focus on where they complete an analysis of performance. All pupils are given the opportunity to take this qualification. In the option group, pupils work at level one in units such as Leadership, sports performance, health and fitness and the body in sport.
All pupils are given the opportunity to leave with a recognised qualification in Physical Education either at Entry Level 3 or Level 1. Pupils are aware of the career pathways open to them once they leave school. They understand the accessible options available to them in the local community to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
Pupils have a good understanding of social skills, resilience, employability, independence, teamwork and communication skills. They build positive relationships and can apply these traits in a real-world setting.