Your child’s school is currently taking part in a Post-16 Pathways Survey and we invite you to share your thoughts on your learning journey and aspirations for the future…

Learning Plus UK Data Ltd. has been asked by Liverpool City Council to complete a research report about Post-16 pathways in Liverpool and we would like you to share your views!

The survey will ask you questions about your child’s 6th Form experience and their future aspirations.

You will not be asked to give your name and we will not share your individual responses, only combine them with responses from other parents of students at Liverpool schools.

Your participation is voluntary, but each contribution will enable us to build a bigger picture of the parents’ viewpoint in Liverpool, as part of the research study.

If you would like the survey in another language, please email telling us the language you would prefer.

To start the survey, follow this link, or QR code:

The survey will close at 4pm on Monday 28th February 2022.

i If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for taking part in this survey.

The Learning Plus UK Survey Team