This week at Bank View School pupils will be taking part in activities as part of Safer Internet Day 9th February 2021 and we will be focusing on this year’s theme ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’.

To help us to understand what we can trust online, we will be exploring the internet and discussing what we find. Pupils will be encouraged to question and challenge what they find, to help change the online world for the better.

Through a variety of activities pupils will explore how what they see online can impact their decisions and opinions. They will work together to understand how they can be good citizens of the online communities they belong to.

We want to encourage our pupils to act responsibly online and to empower them with the skills to support one another, and to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online by engaging in open discussions.


Together we believe we can learn how to support and value each other in our online communities and work to succeed in changing the online world for the better.


Here is a link for a Safer Internet online lesson with the BBC. It is scheduled to for tomorrow 9th February at 11am

Safer Internet Day – Live Lesson – BBC Teach


Virtual Assembly by The UK Safer Internet Centre

Virtual assembly for 11-18s | Safer Internet Centre


Safer Internet Day online quiz by The UK Safer Internet Centre

Safer Internet Day 2021 Quiz | Safer Internet Centre


Activity ideas for parents or carers, created by The UK Safer Internet Centre


In addition to this, every class has a safer internet lesson set for this week, where they will take part in a variety of activities to encourage them to think about and discuss how reliable the internet is and they must be responsible users to help make it a more reliable community.