Student Council

Student Council
Students are proud to be a part of our school council, they are voted onto the council annually by their peers.

The school council exists to provide a platform for student voice to be heard and to inform the decision making process within school. It gives pupils the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them and allows school leaders and other staff to work with students to create positive outcomes. This empowers students and provides them with the ownership of issues and solutions that are discussed in meetings. Students see that they have a positive impact and their voices are heard.

The council also responds to questions and suggestions raised by their peers through the student suggestion box.

In summary, the student council enables students to share ideas, interests and concerns with teachers and school leaders, for example: health and well-being, clubs, internet safety, rewards and sanctions systems, plus any other business the students wish to discuss.

Miss Southern, Grace and a group of students visited the Liverpool Student Council meeting on November 27th 2019