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Welcome to Bank View School

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our pupils. As such we expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this common commitment.

This page contains information about our expectations of you whilst visiting the school.

If you have any questions after reading this please ask a member of staff.

Bank View School is an outstanding special school, based over three sites in Liverpool, for students with complex learning difficulties. Bank View caters for pupils aged 5 to 19.All our students have an Educational and Health Care plan (EHCP)

Our staff are trained and experienced in supporting students with complex needs.


All visitor and contractors visiting school must report to Reception.

Please sign in using our electronic visitor system. A photograph will be taken of your face and a visitor ID pass printed. Please use the plastic folder for the badge and appropriately coloured lanyard (as given by the office staff)

Anyone working unsupervised with pupils will be asked to show their DBS and proof of identification eg passport or driving license.

Please make sure you log out at the end of your visit and return your lanyard to the office.

Safeguarding Guidance for Visitors to the School

Adults visiting or working on the school site play an important part in the life of the school. You can play a part in keeping students safe whilst working at, or visiting, the school by observing the following guidelines:

Do not initiate verbal or physical contact with students unless it is appropriate and a part

Do not give any personal information to students such as your phone number, address, email or details of social network accounts.

Mobile phones are not to be used whilst on the school site.

Photographs are not to be taken unless by prior agreement with the Headteacher.

If you have any concerns that a pupil make be at risk of harm report it immediately to a member of the safeguarding team. Do not discuss your concerns with the student and do not carry out an investigation.

If a pupil makes a disclosure to you do not promise confidentiality. Explain that you will need to talk to someone else and inform a member of the safeguarding team immediately.

Further guidance can be found in Keeping Children Safe In Education (KCSIE) and in our polices section on the school website.

If you have a concern please speak to one of the following people:

Juliette Gelling – Head teacher

Claire Pattison – Deputy Head teacher

Layla Feeney – Designated safeguarding lead

Gareth Davey – Assistant Head teacher

Andy Wrigg – Assistant Head teacher

Marie Armstrong – Assistant Head teacher – Speke

Jamie Devine – Manager of primary department

Fire / Emergency Procedures

Any person discovering a fire must:

Operate the nearest fire alarm. (The fire service will be called immediately by dialing 999 using the nearest telephone, when appropriate)

On hearing the fire signal:

The order to evacuate will be given by the teacher, who will indicate the route to be followed.

When not in a classroom follow the most direct route out of the building to the assembly point.

The assembly point is either the school playgroung (Muga) or car park depending on exit route.

At all times act quietly and calmly.

Do not stop to collect your personal belongings.

More information can be found on the red display boards around school.

First aid

We have a number of staff qualified in first aid. All our support staff have a basic first aid qualification.

There are Defibs located on all sites.

Thank you for helping to keep Bank View School safe

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Phone: 0151 330 51010


Fazakerley Site:

177 Long Lane, L9 6AD

Croxteth Site

Moss Way, L11 0BP

Speke Site:

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