Art and Design at Bank View

Art is taught across the school, all students have a least two lessons a week. Art lessons are delivered by N Concannon with support in Key Stage 4 provided by J Taylor.

The course is designed to give students the experience of working in a variety of media; this includes printing, pottery, collage, batik and reliefs.

Students are encouraged to improve their observational drawing skills throughout the course.


Photography and ICT skills are used throughout the course. The department has recently purchased an iPad to further enhance their work.

Visits are arranged to the Local Art galleries, for example The Tate.

In Year 10 and 11 students follow an externally accredited Art and Design course.

Last year all Year 11 students achieved a GCSE grade of G or above.

Students work in a sketch book where they can experiment with different media and colours. The sketch book should show how their ideas develop. As they progress through the years students work with increasing levels of independence.

Students research work by other artists and from different cultures. This research is then used to inform their own work. Students are supported in developing their subject specific vocabulary and use this when annotating their work.



Some students entered into an art competition and submitted their own DotArt entries and where judged 'their panel of experts' The winners have been chosen so follow the link and see if your child has entered and to also see their fantastic artwork.