School Uniform

Bank View High requires that every student including post 16 should wear a school uniform.

Uniform can be bought from Briendas at 74 Muirhead Avenue East. You can order it online from the shop.

The uniform requirements for Years 7-11 is as follows:

  • Boys & Girls: White cotton polo with embroidered badge
  • Boys: Round neck Navy Sweatshirt with embroidered badge
  • Girls: Round neck Navy Sweatshirt or Navy cardigan with embroidered badge
  • Boys: Charcoal or Black trousers (no denim)
  • Girls: Grey or Navy skirts or pinafores (sensible styles)
  • Boys and Girls: Sensible black shoes

Please note from September 2018 only sensible black shoes will be permitted. No trainers, colourful or light-up shoes will be allowed.

Optional items include:

  • Boys and Girls: Navy Blazer with embroidered badge
  • Boys and Girls: Navy Fleece Jacket

Uniform for Post 16 students is as follows:

  • Boys & Girls: White shirt/blouse
  • Boys: Black trousers
  • Girls: Black skirt or pinafore
  • Girls: Black sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Boys: Black sweatshirt
  • Boys/Girls: Black blazer with embroidered badge (optional)

Girls Uniform Example

Boys Uniform Example