We have a highly dedicated safeguarding team at Bank View School consisting of:

Juliette Gelling (Head teacher)

Claire Pattison (Deputy headteacher)

Layla Feeney (Learning mentor)

Colin Sibbald (Governor)

Christine Jones (Governor)

All staff access annual safeguarding training, are fully commited to the Liverpool Children's Safeguarding Board (LCSB) guidelines and have a duty of care for all students.

If a member of staff becomes aware of a safeguarding concern they will refer to the school safeguarding team and a written report completed.

The safeguarding team will work with families, children services and appropaite agencies to best support students when a safeguarding concern has been reported.

If as a parent / carer you are worried or concerned about a student in Bank View please don't hesitiate to contact school (0151 330 5101) or if you prefer Careline via childrens Services (0151 233 3700)

The ethos is to promote safeguarding in all aspects of our daily curriculum. How we do this can be found under the heading of safeguarding messages.

Key Safeguarding Policies