Online Safety

Online safety is taken very seriously at Bank View and we feel it not only our responsibility to protect children whilst in our care but educate them when they are not. Children nowadays are always online and there is no escaping that, so we try to teach our children how stay safe when not in our care. The wealth of information available online shouldn't be disallowed because we are scared about safety.


So at Bank View we have a filter on our internet browser that is centrally managed byLiverpool city council, and as an extra precaution we monitor what the childrenour accessing during our lessons by having all the screens in our computersuite, face the teacher. We also have at least a teacher and a teachingassistant in a class so when they are using laptops there is always someonechecking they are on appropriate sites. We've found that some places would optto "over block" the internet so that no bad content at all can getthrough. But this also blocks some good content and some information that couldprove useful, we've found that teaching our students to act sensibly whilst onthe internet prepares them better for when they are at home, or elsewhere withthe internet, and don't have our filtering system to protect them.


News and articles about how to stay safe online.

Think You Know

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