Attendance at Bank View

At Bank View we strive for all our pupils to have 100% per cent attendance. We continually reinforce to our pupils the importance of being in school. If a child has above 95% attendance then they are giving themselves the best opportunity to achieve not only now but also in the future.

Falling below 90% attendance means your child has had four whole weeks off school during the school year. This level of attendance means your child will struggle with their school work because they have had the equivalent of one day off every fortnight!

It is worth noting the impact of attendance over a 5 year period:

100% = full attendance

95% = ¼ of a school year missed

90% = ½ of a school year missed

85% = ¾ of a school year missed

80% = 1 school year missed

75% = 1¼ school years missed

70% = 1½ school years missed

65% = 1¾ school years missed

60% = 2 school years missed

Please also be aware that when students miss a lot of school through illness, schools are expected to investigate and, where appropriate, request medical evidence before agreeing to authorise those absences.

In order to minimise absence it is essential that parents work in close co-operation with school. Please make sure that whenever your child is away from school you contact us straight away.

As a parent you are legally responsible for making sure that your child attends school. If your child fails to attend school without acceptable reason you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted.

Arranging appointments and outings after school hours, at weekends or during school holidays will help to prevent disruption to your child's education and to the school. The school will only agree to term time holidays in exceptional circumstance (that must be provided in writing to the headteacher) and if you do take your child/children out of school without the headteachers authorisation this too may result in a penalty notice.

 If you are struggling for any reason to get your child into school then please contact a member of staff as soon as possible. We can provide you and your family with practical help and support to ensure your child comes to school. We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with pupils and their families and we will always do everything we can to help.

Attendance Flow Chart