Restorative Practice at Bank View High School

Research has shown that our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are interconnected and influence one another. Therefore you can change, or at least influence, one by changing another. Restorative practice builds up skills such as resilience, tolerance and empathy as well as developing social and communications skills.

The school has been accepted on to a Local Authority Pilot to embed restorative practice in schools. All staff have been given training on restorative practice techniques and questioning. We are committed to developing the use of restorative practice within the classroom setting and within our wider community.

As a school we have:

  • Utilised circle time within form time to develop emotional understanding and oracy skills
  • Developed circle time techniques in the curriculum as another method of questioning pupils and encouraging discussion
  • Used restorative practice as part of conflict resolution
  • Embedded restorative practice language into the daily lives of staff and pupils to deepen emotional awareness
  • Trained staff to deliver parenting sessions on restorative practice
  • Worked to effectively deliver restorative practice techniques to pupils with Special Education Needs