Safeguarding at Bank View High School

Safeguarding and Child Protection at Bank View High School is embedded in all aspects of school life and is priority in areas of the daily curriculum,

Our supervision safeguarding team consists of three members of staff:

–        Juliette Gelling: Designated Safeguarding Lead

–        Claire Pattison: Deputy Safeguarding Lead

–        Layla Feeney: Deputy Safeguarding Lead

–        Bob Davies (Safeguarding governor)

–        Christine Jones (Assistant Safeguarding governor)

The wider safeguarding team includes:

Marie Armstrong, Gareth Davey, Andy Wrigg – Assistant Heads

Julia Spofforth – Head of Primary

Paul O’Kane, Jane Careline, Alex Wrigg and Laura Caples – Mentors

Staff training and guidance

The safeguarding team will access Liverpool School improvement annual safeguarding training and attend safeguarding, Train the Trainer.

Whole staff training takes place in the first half term of every academic year to share current local authority safeguarding guidance; in house referral systems; policies and duty of care practices.  Throughout the year safeguarding update sessions will take place.

Safeguarding polices and guidance can be accessed from staff safeguarding information boards and the school shared drive.

Safeguarding information is displayed throughout school from lanyards, notice boards in various areas for different audiences, computer home screen and guidance in staff toilets.

Safeguarding is the responsibility of all staff

The safeguarding term meet regularly to review and challenge actions and outcomes, this process ensures that as a school we are always reviewing our safeguarding practice. Each year the headteacher completes the Local Authority 175 audit to ensure robust safeguarding policies, procedures and practice in school. The results of this audit and any subsequent action plan are shared with governors. Governors also check that any actions are completed within appropriate time lines.

Please click on the link below for our latest child protection policy and the keeping children secure in education link here>>

child Protection Policy 2021

Safeguarding messages are delivered throughout the curriculum.

You can also click on the links for below for online safety guidance for students and parents.

Online Safety Guidance Pupils

Online Safety Guidance: Parents