ASD Provision

Bank View is an outstanding school for pupils with ASD/CLD. Bank View has the national autistic society’s charter mark and strives continually to develop its provision for young people with autism.

Our whole building has been designed with the needs of autistic pupils in mind. Wide corridors, large classrooms, additional teaching and learning spaces all serve to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere where young people with ASD can engage and learn.

Within our teaching and learning policy we describe what effective teaching and effective learning looks like for our students. We refer to a range of strategies that we use including use of visuals, TEACCH, small group work, 1:1 work.

For pupils whose needs are more complex, a referral to our Wellbeing Hub can be made by the student, a parent or staff. Within the Wellbeing Hub staff have a variety of skills to support students with ASD through a therapeutic approach.

We have a number of pupils in school with sensory processing issues. Our sensory processing coordinator works with students and their families to produce sensory profiles. All of our staff have received training on how sensory processing difficulties can impact on a student’s learning and how we can address those issues within the classroom.