Bank View School recognises that positive behaviour is a key element of creating confident, independent and skilled learners who able to make a valuable contribution to society.

The key principles of the policy are:

·         Students are consulted and contribute towards the behaviour policy

·         Students are confident and self-assured learners

·         Students have a positive attitude and are respectful to the school community

·         Students are proud of their school

·         Students are self-disciplined and incidents of low level behaviour are rare

·         Students understand how their education equips them with the behaviours and attitudes necessary to succeed in the next stage of education, training or employment

·         To facilitate a sustained improvement in Students’ behaviour within targeted groups. Where behaviour is already excellent, this is maintained. (See reward structure)

·         Students work hard to prevent all forms of bullying, including online and prejudice-based bullying

·         Students feel safe within school and are ready to learn

·         Students can manage behaviour effectively during unstructured play such as at lunch time.

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BVS Community Code