Secondary curriculum

Bank View has a broad and rich knowledge-based curriculum which prepare students for their next steps and so that they are equipped to lead successful adult lives.

We offer a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of all our learners and provides a personalised pathway. For the majority of our pupils this takes place in the main-body of the school however we have base classes for those students that need additional academic or social support.

The curriculum is overseen by the Deputy Head teacher. The curriculum is divided into clusters of subjects, there is a curriculum leader for each of the clusters.

The national curriculum has been adapted and enhanced by our unique offer. Our curriculum has been designed by our cluster leaders based on what we feel our students need to know, be able to do and remember.

Students follow courses that lead to externally recognised qualifications in Key stage 4.

These are at a level appropriate to the individual learner and include entry levels, Levels 1 and 2 and GCSEs.