Wellbeing Hub

Bank View School is privileged to have the Wellbeing Hub (formally known as the ARC)

The Wellbeing Hub  provides a space for pupils at Bank View High School who require extra pastoral support during their school day.  Pupils will access The Hub for support for a wide variety of reasons which can start before the beginning of the school day until home time.

Staff welcome pupils to access The Hub when needed and will work with individual pupils with a view to returning to lessons with the skills and strategies they need to be alert and ready to learn.

The Hub provides a base for pupils to access sessions including: Relaxation, Therapeutic play, Behaviour management, Philosophy, Mindfulness and identified mentor work.

Pupils access The Hub during break or lunch time if they require a calmer social interactive break, this enables our young people to grow in confidence in a smaller environment than the school yard and all pupils then will make steps to integrate into general break and lunchtime activities.

The Hub staff work to promote safeguarding in all aspects and will often work with small groups of children or one to one pupil work focusing on a specific area of safety awareness such as internet safety. The staff work alongside external agencies and will attend all meetings regarding a pupil’s welfare.

The Hub staff provides information for parents and carers in regard to safety awareness and other current issues which may be beneficial to the care of their child.  Usually parents and carers may be supported via referrals made to Fusion, School family support service and Early help assessments.

The Hub staff will often meet with parents if support has been identified and will work to establish actions and outcomes.  The team are happy to home visit parents as to provide additional support when required.  Our team often attend Strategy meetings, Child protection/Child in need reviews and work with external agencies including Children’s Services, Camhs/Ypas and Health professionals.  The Hub staff will support parents and carers to access external support when needed, whether support to access initial appointment/session, transport or simply signposting parents to an appropriate agency for the child.  We have developed excellent working relationships with both parents and external agencies to enhance the impact of our work.

This booklet explains more about the workings of the Wellbeing Hub and its aims.

Wellbeing Hub booklet


Health and Wellbeing Policy 2022-2023